i3wm – Enable Autostart
Today we want to enable our Autostart Scripts by starting i3wm.

Find i3 Config File

Fist we need to find our i3 Config File register a Script, witch runs when we start i3. It is most likely located at ~/.config/i3/config

Run Script on Start of i3

Now we just tell i3 to run a Bash Script autostart.sh located at ~/.config/i3/ on start. We add this line to our ~/.config/i3/config File:

exec --no-startup-id bash ~/.config/i3/autostart.sh

Setup the Bash Script

Last but not least we create the Bash Script autostart.sh located at ~/.config/i3/ containing:

grep -rh Exec ~/.config/autostart | while read -r line ; do 
   ${line:5} &

This will look in our Directory ~/.config/autostart for executable Script Paths and run them.

(optional) /etc/xdg/autostart

We can also add our /etc/xdg/autostart to our Bash Script autostart.sh, if we wish to execute it as well. We add to our Bash Script autostart.sh:

grep -rh Exec /etc/xdg/autostart | while read -r line ; do 
   ${line:5} &